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Got meself fixed...

Sunday, January 8. 2012 11:51
A good friend of mine got me hooked into Terraria. This is like Minecraft in 2D with less bugs and better programming :-) Anyway - If for some reason you shouldn't have heared about it, give it a try!

Oh, and by the way - Happy new year and a great start into 2012 my friends!
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Off to the holidays...

Sunday, September 25. 2011 07:08
Finished packing for holiday... off to the mountains and to climbing the "Jungfrau", "Mönch" and "Eiger". I might post photos and routes if I get the chance to hook to a bts with my phone :-)
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The dragon is on with new hardware

Monday, August 8. 2011 06:03
Fetched my net hardware last week and started to install, compile and configure all things o the new server this weekend. A lot of work and a lot of things I haven't done for in a while... but was kind of fun most of the time-- save for when things didn't work as they should :-)

Anyway... guess by next weekend I'll have the new server installed and ready to be exchanged with the one running at the it center at the moment.
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About producers and consumers

Tuesday, June 21. 2011 20:26
There is always this difference between people who are producers or those who are consumers. This is, in general a very deeply rooted difference in the mindset of those two groups. Like, producers rather get their joy and fun from creating and producing things, whilst consumers just want to be entertained and consume things others produced.

The very fun thing is when someone labels himself a producer and talks about this and that what he's done and doing and now suddenly meets a group of real producers who obviously recognize him as a consumer only :-) Well - desaster is in the agenda. Its like, producers just see things that have to be done, and exceed in this by not only do what is needed to be done by themselves, but also do things they could or should be done in addition to make something good to become something brilliant or even perfect.

Consumers rarely even meet the "do what is needed to be done" mark by themselves and most of the time just wait that "someone else will do this" or wait for others to tell them what they should do. And in a creative environment where a team is building up for something to create ideas out of the void, building up a show there is no room for convenient cunsumption of things when creating unter a timeline with a set point in time where everything needs to be finished.

But don't get me wrong - consumers are perfectly allright - yet not suited for a team of producers. They can sit back on a couch and consume while having fun with other consumers :-) But time and experience showed that most of the time producers just move to fast and to selfmotivated in comparison to consumers.

So - what are you? Consumer or producer - If you enjoy going to the pictures, have fun and afterwars maybe talk about it with friends how you liked it, you mght be a consumer. If you also start having ideas of your own and start to write a script, plan filming gather a crew and start making your own film that you like, you surely are a producer.
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Back from MMC 14

Monday, May 2. 2011 14:15
Back from the Mephit Mini Con 14. Well, was a lot of fun and great weather. What else to say then this was a great time again - as usual :-) Met a few new furs and also a lot of old friends and others. Thanks to all of you who made these few days a great of a time as it was for me!
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