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Still there..

Thursday, March 10. 2011 08:37
Nothing much to talk about those days really. Just the usual much work to do, much chores around the house and getting ready for spring. Heating up the bbq ideas for the first sunny and slightly warmer weekends. Till then...
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Just another trend...

Saturday, February 19. 2011 08:02
And just another trend in the internet popped up. If you can't live your live without facebook, twitter, googel latitude and second life anymore and possibly have a favour for being better then others because you have more achievements unlocked...

Have a go with - there is jet another cool, but totaly empty sozial site.
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Friday, February 18. 2011 16:18
Impressive entry for nlp this week. The tech behind it is realy promising and fun to read for every thecnologicaly interested mind... but watching the show, where watson performed in public in the gameshow jeopardy was great. Also, seeing inherit humor that was unintended, but came out great.

Alex: It makes the heart a flutter and comes in an instant. Men and women become weak from it. Kingdoms have been brought down by it and Tina Turner sang of it.

Watson: What is Heart Disease?

Alex: Wrong

Ken: What is Love?

Alek:: Correct

Watson: Love is an illogical human emotion which hinders the progress of man, in essence, making humans illogical. Humanity is an imperfect species which must be remedied in order to obtain any means necessary.

Alek: O.O

Brad: O.O

Ken: O.O
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Happy valentines...

Monday, February 14. 2011 09:22
Happy valentines day to you all out there :-) I hope you all have a great time together with your loved ones and friends. Find someone who is close to your heart and just tell them, how much theiy mean to you.
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Heavy Rain

Monday, February 7. 2011 12:13
PLayed through Heavy Rain this weekend. A good friend of mine brought this game with him and what began as an interest for just "having a peek" at the game, tourned out to be a full day long session of playing through the mame. Was a lot of fun though. If you haven't already plaed it, I can recommand this game ^..^

Current Music: Jack Wall - Mass Effect 2 - The Illusive Man
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