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Drive your ship around the world...

Tuesday, June 2. 2009 13:49
Ever wanted to drive a ship or a zeppelin around the world? With's ship simulator, you easily can. Integrating the google earths webbrowser plugin, they built a neat little ship simulator with which you can steer your boat across the ocean. Have a try :-)

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Friday, May 29. 2009 07:42
Right now Mum is 21 years older then her child. In 6 years her child will be 5 times younger than she.
Where is Daddy?

Can you solve it?
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Tuesday, May 26. 2009 09:03
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Just strange...

Thursday, May 7. 2009 20:18
Have you ever wondered?

... this strange sign combination was seen in Frankfurt. It basically means that you are allowed to park on the walkway ( the upper sign ) and tells you that you are not allowed to park anyway ( the lower sign ).
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Sunday, April 19. 2009 06:26
Last Flashgame I played was VectorTD... a remake of the oltimes favourite Tower Defense :-) It's a great way to waste time. And had I know the following about a few hours later it would have saved my workday...that was absolutely uneventfull - to say the least :-)

But anyhow. Carter gave me that link to Epsilon. Great entertainment and funny little game of portal like thinking for the poor. But a lot of fun and easy riddling non the less.

Give it a try and tell me if you like it. Do you have other games you like? Tell me as well...
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