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Funny Ideas

Monday, May 18. 2009 08:24
This weekend I hade a nice little idea ( after finally having a program for my smartphone that is actually able to parse 2d barcodes, instead of crashing whenever I load it ) about encoding your furcode, yiffcode, bondagecode and whatever into a simple QR code, so that you can print it out on your badge when on a convention (just one example.. the possibilities are infinite :-) )

QR codes were used in geocashes some time ago for having the information "web device ready" for decoding information. But only slowly such codes swap over to europe. Actually the usage is quite simple. Generate a text and encode it into a QR code. That code can be scanned ( after being printed out and sticked somewhere ) and interpreted by other peoples smart- or cellphones, opening up the URL or displaying the text encoded.

I glued up a little fast QR code generator on my website that you can use to generate QR codes. Have fun using ;-)

You can use this to tag your conbadge with your furcode or wixxx. The funny thing is that others can use those long traditional codes in the furry scene in a new way. Code your likeing in a QR code that links directly to the decoder site so that others can read directly what you are, what you like and so on.

You can use the encoder to create your personal furcode and then use the supplied URL for decoding to enter it in the QR generator. Print out the image and have others scan and decode your code ;-)

The original furcode: http://winterwolf.co.uk/furcode
There are nowaday a lot of ther sites available of furries who copied the codes and code generators just use the internet to find them. The furrycode describes in a typical way what you rspecies and other traits are so that other know a bit more about you and your fursona.

There are also a lot of other codes around. Like the WiXXX, which is probably the oldest code for TinySex likings and other kind of BDSM prefers one has. There are over time numerous of copies and mocks of the codes around in the net, but the originals are still the best (because they are used the most).

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Weekend and the first barbecue

Saturday, April 4. 2009 08:29
This weekend I prowled through my garden and decided that with such a great summer-sunny-weather it would be time to unpack all the garden furniture, mow the lawn and clean up a few things. A great help was draconius, who was a boon in helping as he came on start of this weeked already, helping me clean up the furniture and what not ;-)

And on sunday we all had our first barbecue. With overly too much steaks and garlic bread then we could possibly eat and an even more huge bowl of salat we had a hard time stufing our tummies. But the time was fun and the weather was excellent. I guess its the time now for regular barbcue parties in the dragons lair again - was a lot of fun with friends that I missed a lot over the last year. So and special thinks to draconius who was a real pleasure to talk to about a lot of things and interestingly a lot of common interests we seem to share. I'm looking forward to see you again dwaggie snugs
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Thermen Furmeet

Sunday, March 1. 2009 10:42
This weekend I joined the Thermen Furmeet in Bavaria. Interestingly there were much less furs there then saied to be there, but nevertheless the small group we had of furries were quite a great deal of fun.

Starting out at friday I drove down to Nuremberg, meeting with friends for a funny late night meal in a very .. well - rustic looking, but well tasting italian restaurant. Having a good time talking about the funny sides of the job we then went back and straight to bed. Saturday would be a very early startup.

And of course, it was ;-) Getting up early to be early at the spa we fetched another fur and met up with the rest in front of the parking lot. And in deed had a very relaxing day. I felt extremely relaxed, falling asleep with winderful dreams of soaring over pine rees and other interesting things that doesn't make sense in a common way. I also found out what that special scent in the stonehenge building was. Its a mixture of over 64 different fragrances :-( Well.. I guess I have to try them all out to find that special scent in them all. Or maybe its the mixture of most of them that touches this special something deep inside of me. I will start out with a few Woodfragrances like Sizilia, Douglasia, Madeira, and pine-spruce tree.

All in all, the day was beautiful and we had a great deal of fun hanging out in the evening and dawn outside, reserving the complete bubblelayline for out group :-) Counting for the next cycle to when the bubbles will start again. But of course... every wonderful day meeds an end. And so we saied good bye to all the other and drove back home... more then tired of course but with a promise to us all to repeat the Thermen Furmeet again soon :-) - I am looking forward for this.
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Great weekend

Sunday, January 18. 2009 13:23
What a great weekend :-) I visited Pegasus this weekend where we had a great time with sushi, chili con carne and a lot of fun with friends. Beisdes fun with the doggies and huggling and cuddling on the new big couch, the mare got herself a few days before, we had our fun with throwing liquerish drops all around.

The sushi was extremely yummi and tasted, looked and simply was as professional as it could get. Even when Peggi and Carter, who made the sushi did this for their first time. The chili, which was basically Hawkeyes domain was of great taste too :-) Anyway - food was great.

Oh... and by the way of talking about food. Draconius, who wanted to fetch the bread from the turkish market was held up by a police control, as for that moment when he wanted to buy there was a demonstration around that place and the police interviewed hom for some time - making him late - but giving us a funny topic :-)

A final note... never try to buy a vacuum cleaner bag when not exactly knowing which one... its amazing how much different types and forms and number and so on there are ...

And now... up to the north. The dragon is traveling near Hamburg this time. See you around from there maybe.
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RadioActive the first ;)

Sunday, November 9. 2008 08:22
Yesterday night we broadcasted our first online webradio show for the public and it was a blast! We never thougth of such enourmous positive response and so much listeners.

But lets start from the beginning. We had all our setup ready and all songs finished about only 10 minutes before the show and were extremely in a hurry. And when the show started we just instantly settled in. It was reat and all worked perfectly... .save for apache2 which seemed to have problem streaming datachunks of more then a megabyte in a row. So we had to switch on the backup server running on a different port after a while. Then it just purred like a young kitten.

Technically we had a little glitch in the later mid of the show when my ATM broke down. Thanks to the ******* in magenta who care a shit about their customers. Well... they lost one for sure. But about that, I will tell another time. So we switched to the backup internet connection. - Possibly the HSDPA connection through my cellphone, enabling our encoder laptop to connecto to the internet via w-lan through the cellphone using WMWiFiRouter ( cool tool, by the way. Read about it XDA Tweaks and Tools ).

Back to the content. We played a lot of "good old songs" with the hint of not playing the well known versions but the "not so well known" Originals of the songs, like instead of Rid Rocks - All summer long, we aired Warren Zevons - Werewolves of London - giving all the different bits and pieces of background about the songs that might be interesting and you wouldn't be able to find in wikipedia or such.

The most astounding thing was that we actually had two "listener parties"... Only being about 3 furries on those each was a rather small number, but at least we had listener "parties" ;-) In sum, we had a maximum of counted 19 unique stream listeners plus 4 using a streamripper or two conections plus the parties listeners of 5 - making a total top of 24 furries listening to us. Average we had 14 listeners. And that was pretty amazing to know. ( A funny sidefact was that Darkwing told me via eMail on that evening, that the same time the cologne furdance was broadcasting some kind of livestream too - so it was even the more interesting and cool that we actually had that much listeners )

We also managed to enable our listeners to do call ins for the show, that we happily did. We had three call ins from around the country, chatting with furries live in the show.

Thank you all for that great evening and that lot of fun ! We definitely will do another show soon ! This time with an emphasis on more selfproduced content ;-)

( I also have some pictures. But you need to login with your account to see them in a private post )
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